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Nine-year old boy struggling with concentration and maths
“Our son has grown in confidence at a rate that we as parents, look upon in astonishment.“

The Challenge

As parents we realised in year 1 something wasn’t quite right.

“Our son was in our view falling through the cracks of the education system. He wasn’t disruptive in class and was just about keeping his head above water, but each term the gap was widening. He would always hold himself back, worry about being asked a question in class, and could never quite get out what he wanted to say as he often lost his train of  thought.”

The Programme

Helping develop the skills to think and express his thoughts clearly.

His ability to concentrate was below average but, along with his parents ,we could see he had a lot of potential and would benefit from a programme of neurofeedback training. We ran the custom training with visual stimulus aligned to his english and maths curriculum, using our HEG technology to help strengthen the areas of the brain associated with focus and concentration.

The Results

Homework is now no longer a stressful experience!

The Smart Start Minds programme has had the most incredible impact on my child and his ability to concentrate. Our child is 9 and in Year 4 and has gone from a 3S to a 4D in Maths in one school term, with one whole term left for more improvement. In other subject areas he has improved with solid and consistent performance. Not only has he achieved and exceeded academic milestones, he has excelled in swimming moving 3 stages in 6 months and he has a new found passion for games focusing on strategic play. It is a joy to see!

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Nine-year old boy struggling with concentration and maths

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