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From ADHD to Formula 1 and Semi-Professional Cyclist
I came to Smart Start Minds with one goal and can honestly say I have left achieving many more.

The Challenge:

From ADHD to Formula 1 and Semi-Professional Cyclist

My main goal was to increase my focus and concentration for cycling competitions. I have always been at a little disadvantage in most things that require long durations of concentration due to having quite severe ADHD as a child, something I have gained control over in the most part but focussing for longer periods is still an attribute I lack considerably.

The Programme:

Since I started the training I can focus more intensely and for longer periods

Going through the Concentration Plus evaluation and tailored training programme has opened my eyes to the importance of focus and concentration, not only in my job and sport but every day life too. The evaluation made me realise that there was a lot of room for improvement. Due to my location and personal commitments I did the sessions remotely from the comfort of my sofa. Win-win.

The Results:

I guess in a way I could call this the ‘new normal’

Since undergoing the training plan with Smart Start Minds I have made considerable progress both on and off the bike, the most noticeable is my consistency over long efforts whilst riding and the ability to repeat these efforts in the same session, whilst before, I wouldn’t have been able to focus long enough to complete even one session. Coupled with my on-bike-training, I have managed to set my personal best power outputs for every time duration this season and I continue to improve in the longer durations almost on a weekly basis.

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From ADHD to Formula 1 and Semi-Professional Cyclist

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