We focus on you
We place you at the heart of our process, meaning
your neurofeedback training programme is
specific to you and the challenges you face.

Step 1.

Understand you

Book an Evaluation and complete the online health questionnaire

  • What are your challenges?
  • How does it impact your life?
  • What would you like to achieve?

Step 2.

Evaluate you

Concentration test that measures speed, accuracy, consistency and sustainability

  • What are you struggling with?
  • What are your priorities to solve?
  • How does it affect you?

Step 3.

Give feedback

Report and feedback to discuss findings

  • What will you learn?
  • How will you do this?
  • Can you do this online?

Step 4.

Design and train

Design and deliver a bespoke training programme to maximise your concentration

  • How does the training work?
  • How many sessions do you need?
  • How long will it take?

Step 5.

Check result

Measure improvement and discuss results

  • How will you know if you can focus better?
  • How long will it last for?
  • What’s next?

Confused, curious or convinced? Book a demo
face-to-face or online to discover more.


Hear straight from people like you who have seen a transformative
difference thanks to their neurofeedback training.

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