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Mum of two daughters preparing for 11+ exam
“My daughter's improved focus and excellent grades for homework was noticeable to us as parents when she was swimming training 6 times a week in her first term at senior school and still excelled in her term tests."

The Challenge:

11+ exams is a competition to get into the best schools.

My eldest daughter (aged 10 at the time) completed her training and afterwards she herself reported an improvement in her ability to stay focused whilst working at school and concentrate for longer on tasks such as homework, revision and practice 11+ papers.

The Programme:

We have had a very positive experience with the online neurofeedback training.

From the beginning we found Dr Thomas Dannhauser to be extremely clear, knowledgeable and helpful. He was honest and precise about our eldest daughter’s initial assessment. We felt confident in his estimation of her concentration capacity and felt that the parameters he used to elicit this seemed objective.

The Results:

Her headteacher and class teachers have commended her for excelling in term tests.

She has just finished her first year at senior school, so this is two years on and we feel the effects have been sustained in that she still balances many extra-curricular activities whilst maintaining her academic successes. As a result of our eldest daughter’s success we have now enrolled our second daughter for the training as she too is now preparing for 11+.

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