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ADHD is a long term condition and currently, there is no cure. Medication for ADHD can be useful but does not suit everyone, has side effects and does not provide lasting improvement. Treatments that can provide an alternative to medication, or work in combination to give better and lasting results are therefore required.
Concentration Plus is our neurofeedback based training programme for ADHD. Neurofeedback training is a relatively new type of treatment that can provide remarkable improvements in concentration and emotional self-regulation in ADHD. It does require special equipment and training and may not be suitable for everyone.

The prefrontal cortex and ADHD

Your prefrontal cortex, the brain behind your forehead, is key in self-regulation. The prefrontal cortex is also a key area affected in ADHD, as it grows or matures slower and possibly not to the normal level (you can access the research here). The prefrontal cortex is key in controlling attention, and attention problems in ADHD is therefore considered predominantly the results of problems in this area.


We use a specific type of neurofeedback called functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) because it is based on the most powerful and modern neurofeedback technique (functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI), and can be done online, at home with the use of a portable device. We use fNIRS neurofeedback training to directly increase the activation and fitness of the prefrontal cortex to improve concentration in ADHD.
Studied using fMRI and fNIRS have demonstrated positive and lasting results ( fMRI, fNIRS ). I developed expertise in both fields during my Ph.D. at University College London. I have since been developing fNIRS neurofeedback based interventions for emotional and attention problems.


Clients who complete a training programme benefit from improved ability to start focussing on their work, continue to concentrate during tasks, follow conversations or narration, and to retain details. Because we improve a skill called self-talk, our clients usually report better mood and the ability to self-regulate their mood.

Evidence that it works and guarantee

Neurofeedback is a relatively new field and it has not been researched like ADHD medications. Studied using fMRI and fNIRS have demonstrated positive and lasting results ( fMRI, fNIRS ).
Like most therapies, the skill and experience of the therapist and the quality of their tools and methods determine the results they get. I developed expertise in both fields during my Ph.D. at University College London. We have been developing and providing neurofeedback training for ADHD for more than 15 years, helped more than 30,000 clients with our method.

We have a >95% success rate and can, therefore, guarantee results.

We test attention before and after a training programme, and if your concentration does not improve significantly then we either keep on providing additional training at no extra cost until you do, or we refund you in full. Clients with ADHD usually require 40-60 sessions, delivered over two training programmes, to get the most benefits from training.

How is it done?

See how the Concentration Plus training programme works in the short film below.

A training programme consists of 40 sessions and then number of programmes (1 or 2), is determined by the result of the Evaluation (Concentration Test + Concentration Heath Screening questionnaire) that is completed before training begins.
Training is 1:1, online, with one of our experienced trainers or psychologists. Sessions last 50 minutes.
Clients complete a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week. These can be done during the day and early evening, Mon-Fri and Saturday mornings.
We provide the equipment required.

Please contact the team member who directed you here if you require any further information or to share comments and updates.

- Dr. Thomas Dannhauser

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