Featured Success Story
Year 6 Pupil from Avon House
"I have finished my training and it has helped me in my studies because I am not distracted from people talking to me or anyone making noise in class. I also end up finishing in the time limit and being able to check over my work and maybe pick up a couple of extra marks. Smart Start Minds really helped me to become better at sports and focus more even when the crowd isn't making nice comments.”

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Nine-year old boy struggling with concentration and maths

Focus | Essex | Concentration, Child

From ADHD to Formula 1 and Semi-Professional Cyclist

ADHD | Online, UK | Kieran Blay, Founder of Adeki Ltd, a start-up focusing on performance-through-wellness.

Mum of two daughters preparing for 11+ exam

11+ exams | London, UK | Mum, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry