Magnesium Supplement
Magnesium supplement to improve
concentration, sleep & mood.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for healthy brain function. A shortage can result in impaired thinking and emotional problems. Supplementing magnesium can improve concentration, mood, and sleep.

Experts believe that many people living in the West are magnesium deficient because modern farming and food processing remove it from our food, and beverages like tea hinder its absorption. It is also believed to be partly due to stress which depletes the bodies natural stores.
I recommend to selected clients to start a magnesium supplement based on the published evidence and my clinical experience. If you have been directed here by me or our team then this is for you. Please follow my instructions rather than that advised on the packaging.


There are many magnesium supplements available but they are not all equal. I have taken some time to research the types and effects to get the best product. The more widely available and low-cost products generally speaking contains magnesium that is cheaper to make but not well absorbed, leading to common side effects like diarrhoea. I recommend starting with a specific "chelated" type that is better absorbed and tolerated and that most of my clients have found to be of benefit. I suggest you try this specific product to which you can find a link on this page. My family and I take this supplement on a daily basis.


For children 6-10 years old: Take half a tablet up to twice a day. The tablets are large but scored on one side so you can easily break it.
For children 11-16 years old: Take 1 tablet up to twice a day.
For children older than 16 years and adults: Take up to two tablets twice a day.

What to expect

Beneficial effects on concentration, sleep and mood usually appear within a few days although it sometimes takes longer. Try taking the higher dose if you have not noticed any benefits. If you start experiencing loose bowel movements then reduce the dose.
If you are unable to tolerate the tablets, then consider trying a spray.

Please contact the team member who directed you here if you require any further information or to share comments and updates.

- Dr. Thomas Dannhauser

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