This much I know – Concentration is the Key to Success

  • Dr Thomas Dannhauser
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This much I know

Dr Thomas Dannhauser, a consultant
psychiatrist and CEO at Smart Start
Mind, imparts his words of wisdom

Read this 500 word article without getting distracted or interrupted, and you are very likely in the top one per cent of successful people, or on your way there. We live in a world filled with more opportunity than ever before, yet few of us enjoy the lasting health, wealth and happiness that we desire. What prevents most people from succeeding? I believe it's a lack of concentration and increasing distractions. Studying thousands of people over nearly half a century has shown me that concentration, from as young as four years old, is the key to maximum health, wealth and happiness.

Concentration is the key to success

Concentration alone is responsible for around 62 per cent of all school results and up to 32 per cent of lifetime earnings. In fact, those who struggle to concentrate are up to 32 per cent more likely to suffer from addictions, mental and physical health problems. They can end up compromising on their dreams and risk depression. Listening to the life stories of my patients over two decades working in the NHS has taught me that a lack of concentration is common, and causes many serious health and social problems. I believe the one thing that we can do to prevent needless suffering and maximise wellbeing is to give the vast majority of people, who can easily improve their concentration through training, the opportunity to do so.

Training will improve concentration

I developed an evidence-based concentration training program to help my nephew 14 years ago. It has since helped me, my children and 20,000 other people in five countries. It reliably and

"I left the NHS in 2016 to devote my time to offering it to everyone through my company Smart Start Minds"

lastingly improves concentration which makes it easier to learn and do all the most valuable things that require focus.

Dedicate yourself to the cause

I left the NHS in 2016 to devote my time to offering it to everyone through my company Smart Start Minds. We have since helped students from more than 20 local schools, some to catch up and others to get to the top. Results from a project at the Ark John Keats School showed that 6-9 years old students who were trained, advanced by 7 months more than their peers in English and Mathematics during three months of

usual teaching. Marne Reynecke, Vice Principal at Ark John Keats Academy said: "Trained students became more focused and able to complete work, produced better results, behaved better and grew in self-confidence."

Accept your mission

My mission is to give everyone the key thinking skill that will enable them to fulfil their true purpose in life because that leads to lasting health, wealth and happiness. So well done if you made it here without getting distracted! While you don't need training, perhaps you would like to invest in a child's future. If so, please contact me.

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