Life Plus Coaching Programme

Life Plus is a bespoke programme to take you beyond merely recovering. Discover and follow a new direction that leads to lasting health and happiness.

  • Dr Thomas Dannhauser and Marna Marx

The 5-step method that helps you bridge the gap
between recovery and complete wellness -
taking you from feeling better to feeling great!

Life Plus

  • A highly personal plan based on everything we have learnt about you and developed with you.
  • Proven methods to help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Easy access to a wide range of expert advice.
  • Ongoing support to get you going and keep you moving towards your goals.
  • Introductions to people, networking groups and lifestyle activities to help you

Making a comeback after a setback

Getting back on your feet after a health setback is only the first step to wellness. Most health problems are caused or aggravated by strained family or professional relationships, and stresses in your home or work environment. These are not solved by medical or psychological treatments alone, leaving you at risk of further setbacks if you try to return to your normal routine. This in turn can hold you back from reaching your full potential in life. While most people simply try to get on with their lives, hoping for the best, we believe there is a better way.

Life Plus

Life Plus is a bespoke life coaching programme that can move you beyond merely recovering. It is designed to help you discover and follow a new direction that leads to lasting health and happiness. Life Plus works by combining the clinical insights and expertise of our health specialists with the skills and assistance of our life coaches.

Why Life Plus?

Expert skills combined to maximise your health and wellbeing

Having made a recovery you might be concerned about becoming unwell again. Although you want to make yourself resilient you may not know what to do or how to do it. After we have helped you make a recovery let us help you to make the changes that can protect you in future. We can share the deep understanding that we have developed of you as a person and how your habits, physical health, relationships and environment can be improved to reduce your risk of future setbacks, with a coach. They can then assist you with coaching to take a new direction to lasting wellbeing.

Get coached to be your best

Being alive does not necessarily mean you know how to live well and be happy under ever-changing circumstances. Our life coaches can help you identify and build your strengths and find solutions for your problems. This can lower your risk of setbacks while improving your health, happiness and confidence. Together we will get clarity around your past, your current situation and where you desire to go.

You get a team behind you

Health specialists and life coaches do not ordinarily work together. We believe that by combining our skills we can speed up your journey to wellness. We therefore work as a team to maximise your health and wellbeing.

Our 5-step method

Moving from a setback to a comeback requires more than simply recovering. Our 5-step method will help you along a new path to lasting health and happiness.


Your health specialist introduces you to your coach at a meeting and as a team we consider relevant aspects of your health to minimise risks and maximise benefits from your Life Plus Action Plan.


You complete a questionnaire and have a 1:1 discovery session with your coach to:
1. Assess the reality around your life situation and set personal goals.
2. Discover the true motivation behind your goals.
3. Look at the options available to you to move forward.
We help you to start thinking about yourself in a new way by looking at the experiences of other people through a collection of digital media and books.


You develop and start your Life Plus Action Plan over a period of 6 weeks with a weekly 1:1 coaching session. You receive workbooks for the specific growth areas. We assist you in developing an action plan with a timeline. We motivate you with text reminders and motivational prompts. You get access to your coach for support between sessions via Skype, email, text and WhatsApp.


To keep you going, we provide ongoing support whilst you learn how to set long term goals, stay motivated, and achieve your goals. You can ask for support via Skype, email, text and WhatsApp for up to three months after your coaching has been completed.


We suggest specific groups, clubs and activities to help you achieve your goals. We can facilitate engagement with key activists / networking groups / people in relation to health, fitness, personal styling, socialising, entertainment, career progression, personal branding and portfolio building. We can recommend useful ebsites, books, papers, articles and podcast to help you on your journey

Why would you benefit from working with us?

  • Our team has over 60 years of corporate and clinical experience that informs our approach
    to helping you.
  • You get a flexible service to accommodate and address your personal needs.
  • Our focus is to get the best possible outcome for you.

Our Team

Dr Thomas Dannhauser PhD, MRCPsych, MBChB
Thomas is a Psychiatrist with a PhD from University College London. He has 20 years experience in maximising the health and wellbeing of his patients, in a genuine, and personal way. He works closely with our excellent team to provide health and lifestyle treatments that help patients get well and remain well.

Marna Marx, HND Public Relations
Marna is a Personal Performance Life Coach who gained valuable experience progressing her career over the past 18 years through Corporate London to Vice President level at J.P. Morgan. Her unique personal life experiences, enthusiasm and drive enables her to
motivate and guide her clients to help them overcome setbacks and realise their full potential.

Dr Faye Dannhauser MRCGP DFFP MRCP MBBS MA (Hons)
Faye is a General Partitioner who has more than 18 years experience in managing complex medical issues. She strives to provide excellent clinical health care. She works closely with our outstanding team and draws on
her experience to promote health and wellbeing.

“If you think Life Plus is about getting you better, then you might have
missed the point. It is about helping you into top mental, emotional and
physical condition so you can find and fulfil your purpose and thereby
gain lasting happiness” - Dr Thomas Dannhauser

Life Plus

The 5-step method that helps you bridge the gap between recovery and complete wellness - taking you from feeling better to feeling great!

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