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Better physical health

We are CQC registered and offer clinical appointments, health checks, referral letters, telephone consultations, prescriptions and mobile appointments.

Better mental health

Your desire for emotional well-being will be supported by the most suitable specialist in our team to ensure we meet your individual needs.

Better you

With the right tools, advice and team behind you, you can maximise your potential to live a prosperous life.

Holistic approach

Our team of specialists offer personalised services to ensure you receive the best professional care for your individual needs.

Transformed life

With the right support, nutrition, sleep and exercise you will improve your mental and physical health securing your longevity.

Alternative to medication

Our aim is to optimise your health and well-being as we recognise the importance of high quality care and the value of continuity of care.


Real stories from people who have experienced the positive results of
our bespoke neurofeedback programmes.

Nine-year old boy struggling with concentration and maths

Focus | Essex | Concentration, Child

From ADHD to Formula 1 and Semi-Professional Cyclist

ADHD | Online, UK | Kieran Blay, Founder of Adeki Ltd, a start-up focusing on performance-through-wellness.

Mum of two daughters preparing for 11+ exam

11+ exams | London, UK | Mum, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

Empowering people like you for over 15 years

We help people like you to gain greater control over your challenges by blending the latest in neuroscience, psychology and technology.

  • Fully qualified, expert trainers
  • Cutting edge HEG technology
  • Face-to-face & online training


Join 1000s of people like you worldwide who use
neurofeedback training to keep their mind healthy.

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