Features & Benefits

Increased concentration

Our programmes help improve your child's focus by training the pre-frontal cortex - the area of the brain associated with attention.

Better behaviour

Better attention, controlled focus and the ability to improve control over impulsive thoughts and actions, result in better behaviour.

Improved grades / results

Increased focus improves the ability to listen, learn, retain and recall information, which guarantees better results and grades.

Social acceptance & healthier self-esteem

Improved social interaction leads to higher self-esteem allowing your child to develop healthy, happy relationships.

Alternative to medication

Neurofeedback is a sustainable way to manage your child's behaviour without the need for drugs.

Lasting Results

Our bespoke training can have a life-changing impact on your child, your family and their school life.


Real stories from people who have experienced the positive results of
our bespoke neurofeedback programmes.

Nine-year old boy struggling with concentration and maths

Focus | Essex | Concentration, Child

From ADHD to Formula 1 and Semi-Professional Cyclist

ADHD | Online, UK | Kieran Blay, Founder of Adeki Ltd, a start-up focusing on performance-through-wellness.

Mum of two daughters preparing for 11+ exam

11+ exams | London, UK | Mum, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

Empowering people like you for over 15 years

We help people like you to gain greater control over your challenges by blending the latest in neuroscience, psychology and technology.

  • Fully qualified, expert trainers
  • Cutting edge HEG technology
  • Face-to-face & online training


Join 1000s of people like you worldwide who use
neurofeedback training to keep their mind healthy.

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