How to get 11+ ready: Shola’s top tips

Despite the many tools available to help you prepare for 11+ it can still be daunting if you don't know where to start. What many parents don’t know is that the secret to success is focus. To help you prepare for 11+ see our top tips, recommendations and advice on the Secret Ingredient...

  • Dr Thomas Dannhauser
  • 05 Mar, 19

How to get 11+ ready

  1. 1. Start your child’s preparation early - end of year 3 but most definitely in year 4 (not the practice tests but the basic core skills)
  2. 2. Have your child assessed at the start of year 5 to know where they are with regards to strengths and weakness and gaps in their knowledge
  3. 3. Reading daily (both independent and guided) is highly recommended to help extend your child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  4. 4. Incorporate daily study habits into your child’s routine
  5. 5. Be consistent with study plans and keep to the time allocated for studying/learning
  6. 6. Review the study plans weekly to see what works well and what needs to change
  7. 7. Help your child to stay motivated by rewarding their effort. Create a reward system that works for your child
  8. 8. Use resources that will help to develop the core skills, improve areas of weakness and continuously assess your child's knowledge
  9. 9. Use age-appropriate practice tests, mark these and help your child through corrections
  10. 10. Make learning and study time as fun and exciting as possible

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"My son had an evaluation with smart Start Minds last October. He started having his concentration training a month after that and halfway through the training sessions, we began to notice a difference in his ability to focus on his school work for longer. He began to spend longer on his homework and was also happy to do revision after completing his homework. He now feels very good about himself as he can see that his grades are improving. I’m so happy to see his attitude to learning change for the better. My son is now a very independent learner and I cannot thank the amazing team at smart Start Minds for such an excellent job.”

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